"I have had the pleasure of eating several dishes from Cocotaso and all of them were great. Whether you are planning an event or just a small get together, you would be hard pressed to find better. I cant wait to try the Chicken Rasta Pasta!"

Delicious food · Professional staff · Good for parties · Creative cuisine
Ward Bond
"Ordered a dozen Pasteles for Christmas Day dinner. Of course I snuck in and ate one already! It was delicious! Living far away from my grandparents who made them every single year for the holidays when I was growing up. I never learned how to make them myself.. but I am reminded of home when I ate my pastele. Thank you so much for bringing such happy memories back to my plate. Xoxo"

Good for parties · Creative cuisine · Professional staff · Delicious food
Stacy Jennifer O
"Delicious food! There hasn’t been a thing I’ve tried that wasn’t on point! From the pastelon(which I normally do not like), to pasteles to the pernil it’s everything you could ask for. This food is for sure made with fresh ingredients, and most importantly LOVE ❤️"

Delicious food · Personalised menus · Good for parties · Professional staff · Great value · Creative cuisine · Experienced chefs
Kimberly Parolisi-Rivera
"Amazing family business. I go to their Saturday events from 5-10 PM. Food is great. Love it all from their pasteles, rellenos de papas, alcapurrias and arroz con gandules with pernil. Mind you, I'm a very picky eater!"
Good for parties · Delicious food · Creative cuisine · Experienced chefs · Great value · Professional staff
Iris Reyes-Rivas